So, your about to start a whole new adventure on Dutch Valley Server. You are wondering 'Where do i start?'. That a good and understandable question and that why we created this tutorial page. First of all you need understand the basic concept and the overall guidelines of the server.

'Basic concep't

Our server is an modern roleplaying game, this means that your must act like your playing a 'role' or even beter refference is real life. For example you're not going in somebody home or garden if they didn't ask you to come. So stay out and ask if u may come in. We are a serious RP server and we want to keep that way. Multiple complaint about a player could have consequences.

We have some general server rules that everybody must obey. Breaking rules will have consequences

  • Have respect for everybody!
  • Obey the Mayors, Officials and King(s).
  • Dont grief, destorying or blocking other people buildings.
  • Do not swearing excessively
  • Build nice building (not 1x1 or ugly houses, they will be removed from server)
  • Dont ask for teleport,items,ranks!
  • Do not kill players without a reason
  • Dont steal stuff!


Our server has a few goals you a acquire. One of the first things you need to do in our server is to make a house. This required for settle in a village or a city. These what we call 'Residence' have a few specification you need to fulfill in order to settle in the village or a city. Residents can be divided in tier, higer the tier the more requirments you need to fulfill.

After you made your resident you can make 3 choices, you can either make a shop, factory or doing jobs for the mayor. These choices will have their own page, dont forget to check that out!

Goals are make a house, then  a shop or factory. Doing jobs for Mayor will alway be availble. Make your city a beter city. The staff will try to provide enough jobs so you never get bored !